The Age of Responsibility

The experiences and exploits of a college grad trying to make it in the "real world:" leaving school and friends in New England, moving south, and living with her boyfriend. Watch as I pretend to be an adult.


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    since Feb 9, 2005

    Taking up slack

    I got a promotion- more money, more responsibility, a real honest-to-goodness office (bye-bye cube!). I actually, in fact, had my first meeting with my new boss today and she gave me a chunk of new work to do...

    I'm just a little terrified.

    I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. This is completely, entirely new to me. Nothing in my education or prior work experience even comes close to preparing me for this.

    For the first time in a few years I'm being asked to step outside my comfort zone, and while it's a bit scary, it's also pretty cool. Very exciting. If I manage not to screw this up, it will likely mean very good things career-wise.

    It's that "if" that's worrying me.

    After 22 posted at 8:49 PM


    The Baby Hater

    I spent a wonderful weekend in Boston not too long ago. In my usual whirlwind of social activity, I managed to carve out a few hours to spend relaxing in Laurie and Steve's three season room. As we sat shooting the breeze, Steve annouced:
    "So, I have a kind of funny story. Last week I was helping my Dad move a some things out of an old car, and happened to mention you were coming up to visit this weekend. His response? 'Oh, she's the one who doesn't like kids, right?' "

    That's right, folks; my reputation precedes me.

    After 22 posted at 8:27 PM


    I sum up

    What have I done since I last posted in 2006?

    I've done really well at my job. I've started running. I have been stranded in Framingham. I've worked on interesting projects, and been offered more interesting projects to work on in the future. I've drunk rum in Bermuda, and walked on pink beaches. I've been given a raise and an award (heh). I've had a major blowout with my stepfamily. I've been to Boston and DC twice each. I have come to hate my BlackBerry. I've decided I am crap at photography. I have contributed faithfully to my 401k. I've marked a year and a half of living with the boy. I've seen my little sisters get more and more mature, and grown closer to them as a result. I've continued my foray into pescaterianism. I have turned 25.

    What haven't I done?

    I haven't written. I haven't apologized to my stepsister, nor have I been apologized to. I haven't gone to Europe (stupid weak dollar). I haven't started climbing again. I haven't decided where I want to go in my career, or what my next step will be. I haven't changed my mind about marriage or kids, despite many "biological clock" predictions. I haven't eaten a mammal. I haven't had a quarter-life crisis.

    After 22 posted at 8:33 PM